Erotic cosmetics 

Gluttony and lust are the sins on the menu. Beyond appearances, lingerie can be a pretext for elaborate or light-hearted intimate games. Wild Lingerie has concocted for you a selection of the sourest erotic cosmetics letting your imagination run wild.

Because everyone loves it, our cosmetics for body are about to wake up your senses: massage oils and candles, tickling foam, cool and warm gels, edible body painting, we have something for every taste. Every product is selected because of its quality and benefactor properties. Our vegan products by the brand Shunga will surely seduce the most demanding clients with their erotic illustrations, strong colours and gourmet fragrances.

The textures, the fragrances, the tastes, the sensations as well as the packagings (cartons, glass jars or beautiful luxury metal box) of our cosmetics are a real experience serving the pleasure. Test the very modern brand Love to Love, the traditional Japanese creator Shunga, or the luxury Maison Close, Fifty Shades of Grey and Bijoux Indiscrets.

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