About us

Pretty lingerie

Wild lingerie french website of luxury & couture lingerie was launched in July 2015.
Wild Lingerie was created in Aix-en-Provence, France by an art lover, who is an artist himself, very passionate about aesthetics and haute couture.
His taste for fine materials and excellency sewing leads him to collaborate with the young English and European designers together with the world's famous brands.
The innovative savoir-faire and the sharp personality of these designers convinced him to gather together these designers and refinement treasures in one single and same entity which will be Wild Lingerie.

Wild Lingerie is an online shop of bondage lingerie, luxury  tights and accessories, seeking to be an exotic boudoir, a temple of European haute couture brands and designers, selected with the French-style taste and fineness. The online shop stands out by its selection of ultra-creative and nonconformist pieces.
Wild Lingerie offers lingerie sets and accessories in limited edition, rare creations which are sometimes handcrafted, through a phantasmagorical, savage and animal universe.
Prohibition undermined in provocative collections.
Praise of eccentricity and sensuality is highlighted in this cabinet of curiosities, dangerously oscillating between chic eroticism and BDSM.

Wild Lingerie team is waiting for you!