Tights / Stockings 

Tights and stockings are the stars of women's intimates. You can wear them on any occasion and be sexy, glamourous or simply original. It is a perfect piece for you if you want to look like no one else.

Wild Lingerie develops its taste for the anti-conformism and the erotic chic lingerie by presenting you tights and stockings ranging from classic stockings at the peak of seduction to be worn with your suspender belt to the most extravagant tights.

The tattoo printed tights don’t stop questioning the passers-by: “Does she really have tattoos on her legs?” The masters of the illusion will prefer the tights by the designer Mirey. The most sensual women or the fetish men, wishing to give an elegant and naughty present, will choose the curled stockings or the retro stockings by the brand Maison Close. Those who love the colour and who look for a designer piece, which truly stands out, will choose the tights by Marie Antoilette: resistant printed tights with patterns from the universe of the illustration. The basic tights and patterned tights and stockings made of transparent or semi-opaque mesh, with stripes or nets, hold-ups or not, are proposed by Baci at Wild Lingerie.

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