Secure payment

The website, offers two payment methods to the French Client (1 payment method for the others : Paypal), and may refuse to take into account and deliver an order from a customer involved into a dispute regarding a payment of a previous order.

Bank cards and Paypal account (Paypal)

Card payment without PayPal account:

The Client may settle his order with Maestro Card, 4 étoiles Card, American Express, Aurore, Discover, Cofinoga, CB, Visa and Mastercard. The Client can visit the PayPal website to learn more information about any other accepted payment method. The Client is not obliged to have a PayPal account to pay the order.
Payment is due immediately and is made upon ordering. The transmission of the Client’s bank account informations is securely made on the PayPal website (SSL encryption).
The Client’s bank account informations are to be reentered during each order made by the Client and will not be saved afterwards.
The website does not have access to these informations.
The operation is completely insured by the PayPal website.

Payment with PayPal account:

The Client must have a PayPal account to settle the order by using this payment method. If the Client settles his order with his PayPal account, the general conditions of use of PayPal are applied while paying on the PayPal platform.

Cheque payment

Only cheques in euros which holders have a domiciled bank account in France are accepted. The payment by several cheques is not accepted. The Client has two days after the validation of his order to send a cheque equal to the whole amount of the order accompanied with the order number. As soon as Wild Lingerie receives the cheque, it will cashed and verified from banks. After verification, the order will be sent.